Dyeworks was started by Polly Lyster 20 years ago and was inspired by a fascination with the unique properties of indigo dyeing. 

My colour pallet has been developed through layering individual tints to build up a subtle range of shades and hues. I source and use Antique French hemp, and English and Irish linen. These fabrics, with their unique textures, combined with the many shades result in a colour pallet that has unique and beautiful quality.

Alongside the colour range, patterning is achieved through dip-dyeing at different stages.  Patterns are made through resisting parts of the cloth with stitch, clamp, and binding techniques. For these fine cottons and silks are used which lend them so well to the process. 

Over the years I have collected a wide range of early decorative textiles, which help enormously when creating the colours and are a joy to collect.

My studio is in the Cotswold’s, e-mail, address and telephone number below and you are welcome to contact me:


Woodside, Toadsmoor, Stroud, Glos, GL5 2UL 

tel: 01453 885036  

mobile: 07590 982965


All the colour samples have been mastered on an apple computer, therefore colour reference may look different on other models of computer.